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music for Kids 
(& the Adults who Love Them)

Meet Matt Heaton

Matt Heaton believes music for kids can be entertaining for both children AND parents. His songs blend mid-century American guitar styles: surf, rockabilly, western swing & soul, delivered with a wry sense of humor and a sincere sense of fun. Kids dance, laugh, and sing along. Grown-ups appreciate the Muppet-esque touches of humor and observations of kid behavior. Call it children's music, family music, kindie or toddlerbilly it's sure to please listeners of all ages. Read more...


When things shut down on March 12, 2020, Matt responded with a laptop livestream from a hotel room in Ohio. So began the Mornings with Matt Show. During the first years of the pandemic, Mr. Matt streamed every single morning, helping thousands of viewers with young kids have at least one steady routine (or at least time to grab a quick shower!) Check out the archives on Facebook Live. 


Matt has four full-length albums of music for kids and familes, and a handful of singles. His recordings feature a mix of originals and kid music classicss, featuring his surf & rockabilly-inspired guitar playing and a team of ace collaborators. You can listen to them here...

The Outside Toys

In addition to solo performances (and when venues, weather and global pandemics cooporate), Matt also leads the Outside Toys, a crack team of versatile virtousi. With Emily Haviland Baker on fiddle, Jim Haggerty on bass, and Jared Seabrook on drums, the 'Toys bring toddlerbilly to life. Outside Toys shows feature solid musicianship and lots of silly, engaging, unpredictable fun.

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