Matt Heaton was raised in a golden age of kids’ media. The Muppets, Free to Be You and Me, Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood and more all provided the soundtrack of his early childhood. He tries to bring elements of those classic shows—the musicianship, the wit, the respect and kindness—to families today. His songs blend the mid-century rockabilly, surf, soul, western swing and country music he loves with a sense of humor that works for both kids and adults.


Matt’s music connects with kids on an organic level, without the AI-generated bombast that fills the algorithms. His songs are full of good messages and good fun. Matt's got songs about math and feelings, which sit beside beloved “dance numbers” and hits like “Don’t Drink the Water (That Your Butt’s Been In)." Whether he’s doing a show at a library, a theater or a pub, he plays to both the kids and adults in the room.


Matt wears a few musical hats. Many folks know him from his traditional Irish music duo with his wife, Shannon, or as the guitar player for the instrumental surf band The Electric Heaters. He began playing music for families when his son Nigel came on the scene. In 2020 when COVID hit, he offered a daily livestream, Mornings with Matt, providing families with a little break and routine. 


Matt has four full-length studio albums and a handful of singles and EP's under his belt. He is currently at work on “Campfire” an album of classic childrens songs performed in a stripped-down setting. In addition to his busy solo schedule, Matt also performs with his band, the Outside Toys, which bring the party to numerous outdoor and indoor venues. His songs AND his signature orange guitar and classic fedora have offered the soundtrack to many hilarous gatherings and have inspired dozens of Halloween costumes. (Numerous mini Matt Heaton sightings on October 31.)

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